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In addition to his professional euphonium duties, Philip is also an active audio engineer serving as an assistant audio engineer for the West Point Band.  His duties include engineering recordings for the various West Point Band ensembles as well as live sound support for concerts throughout the year.  

Philip began his audio training while in high school learning his craft from interning with audio engineers and production companies in the southeast.  He continued this training in college, earning a bachelor's degree in music with emphasis in audio technology from Columbus State University's Schwob School of Music and then later a Master's Degree in music performance with emphasis in audio as well.  While at CSU, Philip collaborated with a number of regional artist while interning at the Loft Recording Studio in downtown columbus and as a graduate assistant in the CSU recording studio.  He has several album engineering credits to his name from rock and roll to jazz to classical.  In addition to his private engineering work, Philip also managed a very active school recording studio along with the professor of audio, Dr. Matthew McCabe, successfully producing over 250 concert recordings a year, many of which were featured on NPR.  He also taught undergraduate classes in audio engineering while at CSU.  

Philip's graduate research work included studies on recording techniques used with the euphonium and other low brass instruments.  Check out the recording session guide for tips on how to run an efficient recording session.  Also, stay tuned for more recording tips and tricks as well as articles and videos.